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Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy

Diastasis Recti is Common During Pregnancy

As mother’s to be, we all look forward to the day when we can hold our little baby in our arms; we look forward to that tiny little human being that is a part of us and will love us unconditionally. We know that our bodies will change during our pregnancy and that it will be uncomfortable to go through at times, but we also know that it’ll be worth it when we can hold our son or daughter and see that they are ok..

However, until our baby is born, we don’t fully comprehend what having him/her will mean for our body and the work it’ll take to get it into shape afterwards. We don’t’ realize just how many stretch marks we will get, the lack of sleep we’d suffer from, or how much time it’s going to take to care for a new baby, the potential for developing diastasis recti and how much it hurts and takes a toll on our body.

When your son or daughter is born, it all hits you head on and it may start to seem as though there is no time to exercise or build back up; it seems like every spare minute is spent taking care of him/her. As a result, some of us resign ourselves to the fact that this new body is ours now and it will never be the same as it used to be or it’ll never be what we want it to be.

Love Your Post Baby Body

You Can Love Your Post Baby Body

I want to tell you now though that this is not true. Yes it’ll take dedication, determination, and time to get our bodies back, but we can do it. Every mother has her own hurdles to get over whether it be diastasis recti, losing their baby weight, strengthening their body, getting over back pains, and more.
I’ve gone through the ups and downs of multiple pregnancies and the dozens of challenges that present themselves when I began trying to get back in shape, and I want other mothers like myself to be able to learn from the mistakes I’ve made without having to make those mistakes themselves.


What is Diastasis Recti

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  1. Jason says:

    Thank you for writing your post it was very well written. It sparked my wives and I interest. We have had some issues with losing the weight after our miscarriages. Do you have any suggestions on how to get my wives body back? She really would like to lose her weight.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I’m very sorry for your losses 🙁 I know how hard it is to go through those and to top it off with a struggle to lose weight. The best way to lose weight after a baby is to start up a good routine that includes exercise, good nutrition, and sleep.

      However when you begin exercising postpartum, you can’t just start into a heavy workout. I know from personal experience this will only make your stomach worse and can have very negative results 🙁

      There are exercises targeted to start bringing your pelvic, core, and abdominal muscles together and once you’ve rebuilt those you can begin a heavier exercise routine if you wish. I would personally recommend this training program here.

      It is a training program that is designed specifically for mothers postpartum to lose the pregnancy weight and keep it off afterwards. It includes a nutritional guide to help you feel energized and to get your body into a healthy state.

      If you have any additional questions for me don’t hesitate to ask! I wish you both the best of luck.

  2. Evan says:

    Great post JCamden! I couldn’t even imagine the struggle of going through childbirth. Men really need to get more educated on the subject. I would like to know more so I can be more helpful in the future. What would you say the hardest part about getting back into shape post pregnancy? Is there anything you can do during pregnacy to help?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Hey Evan thank you for reading! There is not really a single answer to address your question as to what the hardest part about getting back into shape postpartum is. It’s different from mother to mother as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy.

      After my 1st and 3rd son all but about 5-10 pounds of the weight I’d gained came off quite easily in the first couple weeks. After my 2nd son I couldn’t get the weight off for a long time! It took about six months for me to get within ten pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight.

      Also after my first two, my primary goal was losing the weight I’d put on. After my third, the biggest thing for me was to build my body back up. It was so incredibly weak I couldn’t support myself enough to sit up straight. Each pregnancy brings new battles with it but there is definitely a lot you can do during your pregnancy to help.

      If you maintain a healthy exercise routine during your pregnancy, your labor will be smoother, your recovery will be quicker, and you will feel better overall. Unfortunately there are cases in which a pregnancy may be high risk and an exercise routine, (even a light one) can cause miscarriage.

      Women should always consult their doctor before starting an exercise program during their pregnancy and if they’re given the green light they should remember to stay safe. Avoid exercises that put additional pressure on your abdomen or require sudden movements. If you want to know more about which exercises are good during pregnancy as well as which ones you should avoid I have an entire page dedicated just to this topic here.

      Again thank you for your feedback and if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to ask!