What is the Best Way to Lose Weight Quickly For Good

what is the best way to lose weight quicklyI’ve never been big into any of the weight loss shows, but when I saw the premise of ABC’s “My Diet is Better Than Yours” I was hooked. They set out to find the best way to lose weight quickly through a combination of diet and exercise.

I’m sure we all know what it’s like to search and search for the right kind of diet only to feel like you’ve failed when you can’t stick to it, or maybe you do stick to it, but you don’t get results.

We’re taught over and over to count calories instead of nutrition and, as a result, our diets lead to our bodies becoming starved. We’re cranky because we can’t eat what we want, we’re not getting the nutrition we need, and we’re always hungry! Isn’t a diet supposed to make you feel better?

Well, I think several of the diets promoted on My Diet is Better Than Yours are excellent options for mothers that are trying to get their post baby body back into shape with a diet that helps you make the right food choices instead of just restricting your calorie intake!
The 3 Week Diet

I’ve laid out my favorite three diets from the show here explaining what they are, how they work, why they are a great way to lose weight quickly, and why I liked them! I’ve also listed the other ones and briefly discussed why I wouldn’t personally choose them though some of them are still excellent options.

It was a tough decision choosing between Rob Sulaver’s The Nutrient Timing Plan, Abel James’ The Wild Diet and Dawn Blatner’s The Superfood Swap Diet; each of them have aspects I really love! In the end though, I’d probably go with the Superfood Swap Diet especially after seeing the results Jasmin was able to achieve with it!

Superfood Swap Diet

You have to admit Jasmin looks amazing! Looking at her, it’s hard to believe she started out almost 60 pounds heavier just 14 weeks before. That’s about 4 pounds a week! So, without further ado, let’s look briefly at each of these diets and discuss which are good options for us moms that are looking to get our post baby bodies back into shape!

To skip ahead to a specific diet, select an option below:

#1 – The Superfood Swap Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner (TOP PICK!)

Contestant: Jasmin Queenmy diet is better than your diet winner

Weight Loss over 14 Weeks: 53 lbs and 26.5% of body fat percentage

Rating: 5 out of 5

Does it Work? Yes! It’s an excellent diet for moms trying to lose their baby weight

Where Can I Find More Info? The Superfood Swap Diet

What is the Premise?

The Superfood Swap Diet takes unhealthy foods out of your diet that promote fat storage and replaces them with super foods that provide your body the nutrients it needs and give you energy at the same time.

You don’t replace these items all at once, but instead, replace them at your own pace with foods that can be classified as super foods. Dawn states that whether you’re craving pizza, chocolate, soda, sugar, candy, alcohol, or something else, there is always a superfood swap that can be made!
The 3 Week Diet

What Can You Not Eat and Why?

On the Superfood Swap Diet you can’t eat any C.R.A.P. Well, what is that? It stands for:

  • ChemicalsProcessed Food
  • Refined Flour/Sugar
  • Artificial Foods
  • Preservatives

Foods containing the above materials, will promote more fat storage. They’ll cause your blood sugar levels to spike and have a myriad of other bad consequences. Replacing these items with superfoods will raise your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and help you to lose weight!

You can have the occasional drink or dessert, but it must be done outside of your house and with friends. The idea is, you have to go out of your way to get the drink/dessert. It shouldn’t be easily accessible in your home.

Snacking: On this diet, you can snack but it should only be done when you’re hungry. You shouldn’t snack just to snack, recreationally, or while you’re doing anything else. If you need a snack, Dawn advises that you grab a plate, portion out the right amount onto a plate, and sit at the table while you eat.

Get your brain into the habit of only eating when you’re sitting at a table. This way, the snacking is done consciously, and you aren’t recreationally taking in extra calories you probably don’t need. You should have between 0-2 snacks a day that include a combination of produce and protein (150 calories each).

What Can You Eat?

Start out eating what you want but use the following 3 steps to gradually swap out processed foods with superfoods.

  • Step 1 – Choose what you want to eat
  • Step 2 – Portion out the right RATIONS onto your plate
  • Step 3 – Swap C.R.A.P. foods with superfoods at your own pace

It’s hard to know what the right rations are, but Dawn gives basic guidelines stating they are a combination of small proteins, small grains, large veggies, and a fat topping.

For Example:

  • ½ cup protein
  • ½ cup grain
  • 2 cups veggies
  • ½ Tbs oil/dressing or 2-3 Tbs nuts/seeds

How Should You Exercise and How Often?

You should exercise 6 times a week for at least 60 minutes each time. It doesn’t have to be something specific just maintain a good variety of exercises you enjoy doing. Exercising should be fun, if it isn’t, you’ll dread it and it’ll be more appealing to just skip it. Also, don’t forget your 7-8 hours of sleep!

My Verdict…Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

I really liked this diet plan! I love the idea of swapping out natural superfoods with the garbage we have today! I love the exercise plan that goes with it because it’s so flexible and can be anything you want as long as it’s 60 minutes a day 6 times a week. This is, without a doubt, an excellent option for mom’s trying to lose their baby weight!

To read more about the Superfood Swap Diet and learn how you can get started click here.

#2 – The Nutrient Timing Plan by Rob Sulaver (CLOSE SECOND!)

Contestant: Latasha GivensRob Sulaver Nutrient Timing Plan

Weight Loss over 14 Weeks: 45 lbs and 18.52% of body fat percentage

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Does it Work? Most definitely yes!

Where Can I Find More Info? The Nutrient Timing Plan

What is the Premise?

The Nutrient Timing Plan is about eating the right amounts, of the right types of food, at the right times. The right time is determined by your exercise schedule meaning each of your meals will be structured around a hardcore, high-intensity training program.

What Can You Eat?

This diet encourages you to stick to eating foods that are whole from the earth and have not been processed. You should be eating a whole lot of vegetables, healthy meats, and natural fats. It instructs you to plan out your eating schedule so that when you go into a heavy workout, you’re a little bit hungry.

After you finish your workout, you should have a big solid meal that contains most of your carbs for the day. You shouldn’t have any carbs before your workout and the rest of the day should be focused on having lots of vegetables, along with healthy meats, and natural fats.

Rob says that you should use your hand to measure how much food you eat each day.

  • Women: 2 fists of vegetables, a palm of protein, and 2 thumbs of fat per meal.
  • Men: 2 fists of vegetables, 1-5-2 palms of protein, and 3 thumbs of fat at every meal.

How Should You Exercise and How Often?

On this diet plan you use a three-tiered approach to exercise:

  • Cardio/Endurance training to build up your cardiovascular capacity
  • Lifting Heavy Weights (take advantage of compound exercises that are strung together in supersets)
  • High Intensity Interval Training (Sprinting, stepper, or row machine)

Don’t forget your sleep! Having a good sleeping schedule where you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night can make or break the results of any diet you’re on!

My Verdict…Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

This one definitely gets a thumbs up! Did any of you notice the incredible Rob Sulaver Nutrient Timing Planamount of weight Latasha lost even though she had Rob as her trainer for much less time than the other contestants did? 

Latasha went week after week losing 1 pound on the Clean Momma Plan until finally she chose to switch and picked Rob to help her the rest of the way. I really wish she had started with him from day 1 so we could see the results his plan would have yielded if he’d had an entire 14 weeks!

Even though she was a month behind, Latasha still beat out contestant Jeff by 1% body fat percentage loss and you have to agree with me that she looks great! This diet clearly worked for her!

I think this diet is an excellent option and is actually the closest to what I try to do on a regular basis in my own life. I like that it’s not super restrictive and that it’s based on the scientific functions of your body!

To read more about the Nutrient Timing Plan and learn how you can get started click here.

#3 – The Wild Diet by Abel James

Contestant: Kurt MorganWild Diet

Weight Loss over 14 Weeks: 87lbs and 24.72% of body fat percentage

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Does it Work? Yes! Kurt looks incredible! His transformation was the greatest I would say!

Where Can I Find More Info? The Wild Diet

What is the Premise?

Abel states that 80% of your fat loss results will come from what you eat, not how much you exercise, so his Wild Diet focuses primarily on cutting out foods from your diet that can lead to more fat being stored in your body.

What Can You Not Eat and Why?

White Carbohydrates because they’re usually processed foods that increase hunger, raise your insulin level, and promote the storing of fat!The 3 Week Diet

  • White Rice
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Cereal
  • Potatoes
  • Any foods with breading


Grains because they can increase your insulin levels and blood sugar. They also promote the storing of fat!

  • Even Whole Grains are off the table!
  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Barley

Processed Foods because the process of packaging and storing these foods includes packing them with chemicals that have very high calorie counts with little nutritional value.

Liquid Calories because these drinks cause a spike in blood sugar that results in high insulin levels. These high insulin levels stop your body from burning fat

  • Sports Drinks
  • Pasteurized Milk
  • Fruit Juice
  • Soda

What Can You Eat?

You don’t need to buy the most expensive brand of food on the Wild Diet. Everything you need to stick to this plan should be available at your local supermarket. Abel recommends you buy the highest quality foods you can find and afford.

  • Organic FoodsFat Burning Foods
  • Wild Fish
  • Virgin, Cold-Pressed, and Unprocessed Oils
  • Grass-fed and/or Pasture Raised Animals and Eggs

On the Wild Diet you should make sure 2/3rds of what you eat is plant foods. The remaining ⅓ should be meats, fats, and oils. This leads to the following priority levels:

1 – Non-Starchy Vegetables (Preferably Raw) – These include broccoli, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, onion, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes among others.

2 – Protein

3 – Fat

4 – Everything Else

How Should You Exercise and How Often?

Abel recommends you should go for the types of exercises that will yield the greatest amount of calorie loss in the shortest amount of time. These include quick total body workouts, sprints, and squats.

Engage in activities/exercise you enjoy so that it’s something you look forward to! You should at least walk or perform low intensity activities on most days because this will increase the amount of fat you burn, reduce stress, and boost your mood!

At least once a week, you should have a high intensity full body workout that consists of exercises like pushups, squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, and other exercises that aren’t isolated to work one muscle group.

Above all, you should just keep an active lifestyle! Recreational activities such as swimming, skiing, running, tennis, cycling, and more do count as exercise and will lead to a healthier you!

Abel James The Wild Diet

The Incredible Results Abel James got Using The Wild Diet

My Verdict…Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

I really loved this diet! It has a lot of excellent ideas and I love that it focuses so much on having meat! I could never stick to a diet that didn’t allow me to have meat. Look at the results Kurt got on this diet. He looks like a completely different man wouldn’t you agree? He lost the most weight in the competition and, in my opinion, his transformation was the most dramatic!

There were some things I didn’t like about the Wild Diet though. I didn’t like that it takes out whole grains and that only one high intensity workout is recommended per week along with low intensity workouts the rest of the week.
The 3 Week Diet
I like to exercise early in the morning for 40-60 minutes, and I like my workouts to be intense! I’m not saying Abel’s recommendation isn’t good. It’s just not the right fit for me.

There were four more diets featured in “My Diet is Better Than Yours”. Some of them were great options but they had some crazy ideas that I had a hard time taking seriously. Other ones…well… let’s just say they fell flat on their face.

To read more about the Wild Diet and learn how you can get started click here.

The No Diet Plan by Jay Cardiello

Contestant Weight Loss: Jeff Benedict lost 64 lbs and 17.83% body fat percentage!

Anybody else think Jay is a little The No Diet Planbit crazy? He’s bursting out of his skin with energy and we did see that at least some of his ideas clearly work because his contestant lost a significant amount of weight, but. does it really matter what color of plate you eat with, or what color of clothes you wear when you exercise?

It seems like some of his strategies went for the tactic of making eating harder to do, (using chopsticks, eating with your non-dominant hand), so I guess it stands to reason that you’d probably lose weight if the food wasn’t as easy to get.

What happens though when you become accustomed to eating with the chopsticks, or your non-dominant hand? Because it will happen, it’s just a matter of time.

I do think that his idea of losing weight by changing bad behavioral habits is a solid, great idea…but, I think he took it too far. I don’t think the color of your plate is going to help you lose weight or the color of your blanket is going to determine how well you sleep.

Fun fact for you, I actually have a purple bedspread as well (simply because it was a gift) and I’ve suffered from insomnia for years. I don’t think the blanket is doing anything for me other than keeping me warm like it’s supposed to.

To read more about the No Diet Plan and learn how you can get started click here.

The Strong, Safe, and Sexy Plan by Jennifer Casetta

Strong Safe and Sexy PlanThis is a pescatarian, gluten free diet free of refined sugars and processed foods. It includes exercising your mental muscles as well as your physical ones because, for most people, overcoming obesity is not just a physical challenge, it’s a mental challenge.

The physical fitness aspect of it actually looks like a lot of fun! It combines cardio, high intensity interval training, and strength training with each done 2 times a week giving you one rest day each week.

I think this is an excellent option for those willing to make the leap to go pescatarian and gluten-free, but since I personally don’t like how restrictive the diet is, I’d choose another option for myself.

To read more about the Strong, Safe, and Sexy Plan and learn how you can get started click here.

Wellness Smackdown by Jovanka Ciares

Wellness SmackdownThis is a vegan diet that calls for lots of water, smoothies, vegetables, and more vegetables. It actually calls for about twice as much water as the other diets do and you’re also having smoothies throughout the day! Last time I ate that much water on a daily basis I was using the bathroom every hour!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a diet that was so restrictive! To top it off, the workout plan that goes with it just isn’t something I’d enjoy. I agree with Taj in that it’s not very high in intensity and doesn’t promote muscle growth the way I’d want my exercise routine to.

I’m sure some people would absolutely love this diet because, yes it will definitely work! How can it not when you’re pretty much eating water and vegetables? This just simply isn’t the diet for me and is one I’d be miserable on.

To read more about the Wellness Smackdown and learn how you can get started click here.

The Clean Momma Plan by Carolyn Barnes

This focus of this plan is turning The Clean Momma Plandaily tasks into opportunities to burn calories by “taskercising”. For example, do pushups off your countertop as you clean it. Do squats as you’re shopping for groceries ( who cares if you look like an idiot). Do push-ups off the bed as you pray and more.Instead of picking one time in your day to get in an hour long workout, you use any opportunity you have to get in a couple squats here or a few lunges there.

I personally hated this plan. I like to start my day by working out because it makes me feel ten times better for the rest of it! I don’t want to be worrying as I go throughout my day about fitting in a brief “taskercising” session in everything I do. I want to do it once and have it be over until tomorrow.

Carolyn’s reasoning behind this plan is that busy moms really don’t have time to dedicate to workout every day so, instead, they should do this, but, I think if I were trying to incorporate “taskercising” into everything I did, each chore would take 4-5 times longer!

The 3 Week Diet

I would have been better off getting the 1 hour workout in when I woke up instead of dragging out the daily household chores or activities! I also didn’t like Carolyn’s attitude towards Latasha, her contestant. She was very rude to her and told her over and over that she wasn’t using the plan like it was meant to be used and that’s why she wasn’t having any success at the weekly weigh-ins.

Every time, Latasha was very patient with her and very respectful in return even though she was the one losing one pound a week at every weigh-in! I think it says a lot that she lost as much in one week on The Nutrient Timing Plan as she did during four weeks of The Clean Momma Plan!

To read more about the Clean Momma Plan and learn how you can get started click here.


That sums up each of the diets featured on “My Diet is Better Than Yours” and really gives several options to our original question of what is the best way to lose weight quickly! What did you think of each of these diets? Which was your favorite? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Ethan says:

    You’ve written an awesome article but I must say I disagree wholeheartedly with one of those diets mentioned.

    The Super Food Swap Diet sounds insane! A really overweight person would need more than 1/2 protein to start with. How on earth is someone who has never or hardly ever exercised meant to start doing an hour per day for six days a week. I think Dawn’s been living on berries for too long!

    A good balance of food and exercise does the trick.



    • Jessica Camden says:

      It’s definitely not for everyone. That’s why I love that so many different types of diets were shown! The Superfood Swap was my favorite though. It’s the one that I think would work best for me. Dawn mentions that you don’t just jump into the diet or exercise plan all at once. You do it at your own pace. So maybe the first week you only exercise twice and then you increase the number of days on your own schedule 🙂

      I agree though that it’s all dependent on a good balance of food and exercise. One without the other doesn’t do much good!

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories – it is so refreshing to see a real person discussing the effects pregnancy and childbirth have on our bodies, in an honest way!
    I was just wondering what your thoughts are on breastfeeding, as I believe this is the quickest and most natural way to lose the additional pounds?! I think it is a benefit of breastfeeding that tends to be overlooked, and, obviously, you start this immediately your baby is born – no need to wait until you feel well enough, which is often the case with exercise. I would be interested in your thoughts.
    Well done though,

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I think breastfeeding is an excellent way to start losing weight! You burn extra calories doing it and it’s the best thing you can feed your baby! I too, love that you start right when your baby is born isntead of having to wait a couple weeks like you do with regular exercise. If you’re interested a friend of mine has a fantastic blog that covers everything you might want to know about breastfeeding and pumping! Here is her article on how many calories you lose while breastfeeding.

      Thank you for reading!


  3. John says:

    Nice article. I would add that losing weight is not that hard when done correctly. I recommend an ebook which I found on the topic. Very useful and well written.

    • Thank you 🙂 Losing weight is definitely much easier for some people than it is for others but you can’t go wrong if you’re following a good diet plan mixed with a daily wourkout routine! Thank you for reading 🙂