What is the 3 Week Diet System – Does it Really Work?

What is the 3 Week Diet System

It’s hard for anyone to lose body fat. After a baby, it seems like it ten times harder. It often feels like those saddlebags and thunder thighs are there for the long haul.

I first looked into the 3 Week Diet System because it’s supposed to help you lose 12-23 pounds of body fat in only 21 days! To me that sounded like a dream.

After every one of my kids, I built up a little more body fat (ok maybe more than a little). No matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t come off. I exercised intensely and of course I’d tried dieting, but it made it impossible for me to think, I was always starving, and it never lasted long because who wants to never be able to eat the foods they enjoy?

When I first heard about the 3 Week Diet, I thought it was just another one of those diets that come and go but never really work. I’ve tried my fair share of failed diets.

However, as I read more about it, I knew there was something different about this one. It was very clear the 3 Week Diet wasn’t like other diets I’ve tried.


Before I get into it, please keep in mind that while I think this diet is an excellent option for mothers to use after they have a baby, it should only be used after you’ve finished nursing if you’ve decided to feed your baby breast milk. You should never go on a diet to lose weight quickly while you’re nursing.

The 3 Week Diet

My Experience with the 3 Week Diet

Upon finishing this diet, I was stunned to find I’d lost 16 pounds! I actually weighed less when I was done than I did a year before I had my first son.Does the 3 Week Diet Work

If you follow the guidelines given in the program I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your results.

This is, without a doubt, something I’ll be coming back to in the future if I have more kids and need help losing the baby weight.

In the months since I tried this diet I’ve been urging my mother to give it a try. She’s told me more times than I can count that she needs to lose 45 pounds and doesn’t know how to do it because exercise and the diets she’s tried in the past just haven’t worked.

Finally, the beginning of the second week in June she started it. Two weeks into it, she lost 10 pounds on it and agreed that she felt much better on this diet than she has on others she’s tried in the past.

If you’re interested I’ve included tips to help you be successful on this diet at the end.

The 3 Week Diet System Is Designed to do the Following

Does the 3 Week Diet Plan Work


Is the 3 Week Diet Plan a Scam

When you purchase this system, you’re going to get 4 manuals that will be the keys to your success.

The 3 Week Diet Plan

  • Introduction Manual: This manual starts out explaining how people get fat and what needs to be done if they want to lose weight quickly. It describes the types of foods you’ll need to eat throughout the plan so that you can guarantee your success.
  • Diet Manual: Teaches you how to calculate what your body’s fat percentage is as well as lean body mass. Based on where you’re at, the diet manual tells you where you should start to have the greatest results. Everybody is different, so the solution for each person should be different as well. You’ll see explanations for each of the following:
    • What Should You Eat
    • How Much Should You Eat of Those Foods
    • When Should You Eat?
    • How can you maintain your weight for the rest of your life?
  • Workout Manual: A set of guidelines you can use that will force your body to let go of the body fat it’s storing and break it down to be used for energy. The workouts aren’t long and drawn out. Instead they’re short, 15-20 minute,  intense routines that are very effective in burning fat. The manual also includes an excellent Ab Workout that’ll give you exactly what you need to flatten your stomach and get more defined abdominal muscles in a very short amount of time.
  • Mindset & Motivation Manual: A manual full of tips and tools you can use to manage your weight and stay motivated throughout the plan. Many diets fail because people lose their motivation to keep going.

Best of all you don’t have to wait for shipping because you’re sent an instant download within two minutes of your purchase. The 3 Week Diet

Who Created the 3-Week Diet?

Brian Flatt, a personal trainer and sports nutritionist who has been a part of the fitness and diet industry since 1999. He’s both an author and a motivational speaker to help people take control of their lives and their weight.

5 Reasons People Fail to Lose Weight

Most people struggle to lose weight. You try diet after diet but, because you don’t understand the source of the fat buildup, you don’t know how to address it. Here are 5 reasons why you might not be losing weight.

  1. Your’re getting false information about how the body gains Reasons you aren't losing body fatand loses weight.
  2. You have cellular inflammation – If we can take care of cellular inflammation, we can increase our body’s ability to lose weight, burn fat, keep it from coming back, and increase our metabolism
  3. You’re using the typical eat less, exercise more guidelines that go with counting calories  – The reality is that not all calories in your body are treated equally. Some make us fat, others make so our body can’t burn fat, and some actually force your body to burn fat
  4. You don’t have access to a step-by-step set of guidelines that are easy to follow
  5. When you don’t see results fast, you jump to the next diet hoping one of them will eventually work

The 3 Week Diet addresses all 5 of these common problems and focuses on getting your body into a state where it is constantly burning body fat.

I’m sure you’ve heard with other diets you’ve tried that, the reason you lose weight slowly, is because it’s dangerous to lose a lot of weight too fast. The truth is, if it’s done correctly, then it’s not dangerous to lose that much weight in just 3 weeks.

On this diet, you can lose weight quickly while still giving your body everything it needs.

Also, you’ll notice that when people discuss the dangers of losing weight quickly, it’s really the method for losing weight that is being discussed. If you’re starving yourself and losing weight fast, then yes, it is dangerous.

A passion for organics
Every other diet I’ve tried has left my mind cloudy, me starving, and to top it off, I didn’t lose much from my problem areas. This diet was a very refreshing change.The 3 Week Diet

What Makes the 3 Week Diet Different Than Others?

Unlike most diets you’ll see out there, the 3 Week Diet targets stored body fat. Other diets How to Lose Weightuse the typical eat less exercise more mantra and are designed to target only the new fats from the foods you eat today. They do work, albeit slowly, because you’re likely not adding any additional fat to your body and you’re exercising strenuously.

Your body has to find some way to use the stored fat but, it does so grudgingly and very slowly resulting in gradual weight loss.

To contrast that, the 3 Week Diet is designed to prevent your body from storing new fat as well as burning the stubborn body fat you already have. It works by maximizes the number of hours during the day that your body is burning stored fat.

It provides you with the nutrients your body needs to function and stay healthy and removes the others that prevent or slow down the burning of old fat.

The 3 Week Diet takes into account your body’s hormones and the role they have in your ability to lose weight and burn fat. It is a step by step set of guidelines that tells you what you should eat, how much you should eat, and when to eat it.

***Learn More or Try the 3 Week Diet***

The 3 Week Diet

Money Back GuaranteeThe 3 Week Diet Free

If you follow the diet and don’t lose at least 12 pounds, or you’re just not happy with your results, you can ask for a refund and you’ll get one, no questions asked.

Suggestions I Have to Help You Succeed

It’s very easy to customize this diet to fit your individual needs.

I did hit a couple bumps. The biggest change I made was moving my workout to the morning instead of at noon.

I’m a mother with a full time job and it just  wasn’t feasible for me to get my workout in just before noon, so I did it in the morning instead and shifted up everything that comes after the workout by a couple hours.

1. Make Sure You Eat Exactly When it Says To

I was very surprised to find I wasn’t starving on this diet even though I wasn’t eating as much as I usually do. I actually found that I wasn’t always hungry when it was time to eat so I tried skipping a couple meals thinking it would speed up the weight loss.

I did lose weight, but the cost was the next day I  was very tired and hungry. It was much harder to stick to the diet, and I started to feel like I was on other diets I’d been on. When I The 3 Week Dietdid eat every time the instructions said to, I felt great and my mind was clear.

The diet is set up to make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. The easiest way to get through it is to just follow all the instructions. Don’t try to find a faster way to lose the weight, you’re already going to be losing it at an incredible rate.

2. Get Your Sleep

The workouts you do are quick intervals. Make sure you’re getting your sleep so that your body can use that time to build up muscles, burn fat, and create a healthier you.

3. Don’t Exercise More than the Diet Outlines

This doesn’t include as much exercise as I thought it would. In between every single session, you have a day of rest because you’re getting in a full body workout and your body needs time to recover.

Every other diet I’ve tried includes an hour of exercise 6 days a week and I didn’t come close to losing as much weight on those as I did with this diet.

Make sure when it says to eat, you eat. When it says to exercise, exercise. It really is built on the science of how your body works and responds to food and exercise.

***Start Your 3 Week Diet Today***

Is This Weight Loss SustainableSustain Weight Loss After a Baby

This question is more important than how much weight I lost on it. It’s very typical for people to go on a diet and, once it’s done, regain all the weight they lost within a few short weeks. I know the weight loss I’ve seen on this diet is sustainable because it has changed the way I view things and made me aware of what is necessary to burn stored fat and keep it off.

I’ve made quite a few permanent changes to my diet and lifestyle routines because of what I learned while on this diet.

Once the diet is over, you’re given a set of guidelines to follow so that you can sustain the weight loss but don’t continue to lose weight in the process. A diet that results in you perpetually losing weight is never good.

My Final Opinion and Why I Know You Can Succeed On This Diet

To sum it up, the 3 Week Diet gives your body exactly what it needs to be healthy, build muscle, and BURN FAT. I’m not saying it’s easy, but the reason people have been so successful with it is because they have a step by step guide and they see their results every time they step on the scale.

Anytime I wondered myself about cheating on the diet, I looked at my problem areas, I saw the success I’d already had, I pictured how I want my problem areas to look, and I kept going. I told myself if I can’t do it for just 21 days I should plan on having those problem areas forever because nothing else will work that quickly.The 3 Week Diet

If you find yourself having a hard time as you go through it, Brian’s Motivational Manual has dozens of great ways to help you stay motivated and keep going. You can also leave me a comment and ask me for help if you have questions. It’s only been a couple days and my mother has already called me almost a dozen times to make sure she’s following it right 🙂

Visualize your goal. What is being 20 pounds lighter going to do for you?

 If you do decide to try it, I’d love if you came back and let me know how it went for you!

***Try the 3 Week Diet Today***

I wish you the best of luck!


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  1. Luhu says:

    Interesting. I have read some reviews about this system and I wanted to give it a try but haven’t read any testimonials before yours. I read a review of the 3 week diet and there it says that the author of this system recommend using weight loss supplements and I don´t want that. I also taught the before and after pictures looks suspicious over there. but reading your review of it have peeked my interest to new heights!.

    • Hi Luhu,

      When I first went through the 3-week diet, my goal was to lose weight as quickly as I could. I wasn’t sure how it would be and worried it’d be another of those fad diets, but I really really liked it. The guidelines are very clear. It’s ONLY 3 weeks (I can do anything for 3 weeks) and I lost a significant amount of weight! It’s been a couple years since I first used this diet and, since then, I’ve used it two more times (After two more kids 🙂 )
      Every time I’ve followed the 3-week diet, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight.

      I’d highly recommend it. After the first week, the foods you can have are really good. The first week is mostly vegetables which I don’t like as much as I should…

  2. Harinder Singh says:

    The post on weight loss and body shape is superb, thanks for it. The 3 Week Diet works where other weight loss systems fail because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, and because it corrects the bad information dieters receive today.

    • Thanks for reading and reviewing! I agree; the 3 Week Diet works wonders where too many others fail. I don’t usually try products like this but I gave it a chance and it was well worth it!

  3. Guile says:

    Thanks for the article. I am always on the lookout for these types of program but I am always a bit weary on how I will be able to keep the weight off after the three weeks. I am convinced this works, but keeping the weight off afterwards can be tough.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I agree it can be. That’s where I was the most skeptical about this diet. Nobody can eat good for three weeks, lose a lot of weight then just stop and expect to keep the weight off.

      This diet actually focuses quite a bit on defining and creating a lifestyle for both diet and exercise that you can follow once the three weeks are up. Anytime you start to notice your weight going up, there are guidelines to help you get it into check immediately.

      I found it very helpful and intend to go through it again if I have any more kids.


  4. Lorenz Valdez says:

    Being a personal trainer and nutritionist, I have tried literally every diet out there. Ive even starved myself because I didn’t have the proper knowledge and guidance.

    Ive also just finished the 24 day challenge from advocare and must say that I enjoyed it more than purium or shakeology. So it is possible to lose weight in 3 weeks but it takes a lot of discipline. Ive researched about the 3 week diet and have had a few of my clients try it out!

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Oh it’s definitely possible and yes it takes alot of discipline but I found this diet easier to stick to then other’s I’ve been on just because it was only three weeks.

      On other diets it’s hard to stick to them when you have no idea how long it’ll be before you can eat your favorite foods again!


  5. Angela says:

    Hey Jessica,

    I do have to say that I found your post on the three week diet plan very interesting and the way you have the whole thing laid out just pulled me in and kept me reading to find out more about this system. I know you have this stated for post baby bodies, but I am still going to give it a shot (after my thanksgiving dinner) and see what happens.
    thanks again for this info

    • Jessica Camden says:

      This diet is really for anybody, I have it here on my website about building and maintaining your post baby body because of all the diets I’ve seen and tried, this one worked best for me and is one I plan on coming back to if I ever have another baby or even if I just need something to help me lose weight fast in a healthy manner.

      I hope you love it as much as I did!


  6. Lively Prince says:

    Though I’m in a perfect shape but I found your article inspiring & motivating. I’m happy that the plan worked for you. Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes patience, persistence and will. If you fail don’t just fall back into your old habits but jump back up and try again!

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Thank you, I was very happy with the results I got with this diet 🙂 I loved that it was only three weeks but gave me the tools I needed to maintain my weight after it was done. I’d recommend it to anybody looking to lose weight!


  7. Nadine says:

    Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing us this information. It is awlays motivating when somebody else shares his|her personal result and moreover when there is result. People should understand that the process of losing weight is not fast, they should be patient, persistent and try not ot lose their motivation.

  8. Dan Swan says:

    Well, I’ve been looking for a way of losing weight, that actually works… Seems like I’ve found the right place! Thank you for your insight into the 3 week diet plan, it has given me a better understanding of how it works and the process. Will you be my personal trainer/motivator? Ha!


    • Jessica Camden says:

      I was surprised by how well it worked for me and it’s definitely something I’ll be coming back to!

      Sure, I’ll be your personal motivator 😀


  9. Jagi says:

    I feel this 3 week diet would be much easier to follow than trying something say for 3 months. Short term goals are easier to reach than long term goals

    All the information here is really great. It seems you have tried, did it ever leave you feeling hungry? What about food cravings, how does it cover those?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      It is definitely much easier than those diets that last for months at a time. Diets are hard, no matter which one you go with and knowing you have months left before you’re done makes it even more difficult. I did try this one and was very happy with the results I got. Because it was only 3 weeks it was much easier to stick to it.

      It did leave me hungry at times. Any diet will when you start eating less than you’re accustomed to. I found that the times I was the most hungry is when I didn’t follow the guidelines given for the diet. For example, I was supposed to eat at certain times every day and there were a number of times I’d reach the time to eat and I wasn’t hungry so I’d skip the meal thinking it’d speed up my weight loss.

      What actually happened is, the next time I was supposed to eat, I was starving and it was much harder to stick to the portions that were outlined in the diet. When I did eat every time I had scheduled a meal, I didn’t feel near as hungry in between meals.

      Food cravings are addressed through the motivational manual. Some are replaced with healthier foods and others it’s up to you if you want to succumb to the cravings. If you really want the best results possible in just three weeks, you have to have the willpower to stick to it the best you can.


  10. Pitin says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I have not lost a single pound since my first baby. In fact, I think I have been gaining weight for the past two years. This program is very tempting and would love to hear about your results after 21 days. I am worried about the large amount of weight you lose. Ideally, it should only be 2lbs per week at most for healthier results. I will surely come back to check how you find it after 21 days and will give it a try if it is a success to you. 🙂

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I’ve been very surprised at the results I’ve gotten using this system and very happy! My baby is about 9-10 months now and I’d gotten to a point where I’d lost most of the baby weight but I had 10-20 that just wouldn’t come off no matter how much I did! I exercised every single day (with one rest day a week) for more than three months but when people say stubborn body fat they aren’t kidding!

      I’ve always hated dieting because I have a hard time functioning, I can’t think, I’m always starving, I can’t have the foods I want, and it’s just not fun! I’ve been very surprised to find that on this diet, I’m losing more weight than I have on any in the past, I function better than I did before I started it, my mind is sharp, I get hungry occasionally but I’m not starving.

      It has been hard to not have some of the foods I really enjoy or to not be able to have as much as I usually do but at least I haven’t had to go cold turkey and it’s been worth it for the results I’m seeing! I’ve actually gotten to the point that I weight 7 pounds less now than I did before I had my first son 🙂 I also weigh a little less now than I did when I was 17 and I feel much stronger!

      The weight loss has slowed down but that’s fine with me, and that’s to be expected. I realize muscle weighs more than fat and I can see areas of my body getting smaller. Usually it is dangerous to lose too much weight too quickly because you’re body might try to pull what it needs from your muscles or organs, but the difference with this diet is that you spend the first phase of it only giving your body exactly what it needs to function and build muscle. Instead of wasting your workout burning all the new fat you might be eating, you force it to burn some of the fat you’re body has stored for who knows how long.

      I’m very excited to see where I’m at once I’m finished and plan on using the ideas and lifestyle habits outlined in the manual to maintain my body. I’ll be posting a summary of my results once I’m through it!

      Thank you for reading!


  11. tatihden says:

    I am happy the 3 week diet worked for you. Weight loss is very complicated and because we all have different body types, what works for one person does not for another person. I have heard of all kinds of weight loss techniques. Lately some people are using stool transplant to loose weight. I hope the 3 week diet works for many. Nice post/ review!

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Yes weight loss is definitely different for everybody, that’s one thing that makes it so complicated for some people. what works for one person won’t work for another. This diet does show you to cater the plan to fit your specific body type and takes many of these aspects into consideration.

      Its amazing what people will pay/do to lose weight. I’ve never heard of stool transplants though! How in the world does that work? It just sounds wrong 🙁

      I appreciate you reading though!


  12. Ben says:

    This has definitely brought new view to light about weight loss. Out of your 5 most common reasons for people not losing belly fat I had no idea about cellular inflamation. The other good part about this diet is that it’s only for 3 weeks. Most diets last for months but 3 weeks seems like a manageable and achievable goal

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Yes, most diets do last for months, or they might require a complete lifestyle change of your going to something like paleo, vegan, or pescatarian. The thought of going on any of those diets makes me want to go out and binge eat all the foods I love having. I just wouldn’t be able to succeed on any diet that I knew would never allow me to have my favorite foods.

      I really love that this is only 3 weeks and it really is for the purpose of just losing some of the stubborn body fat your body has stored up for who knows how long. It’s definitely not something you should stay on for more than the three weeks unless you have a lot of extra weight you want to lose. If you do, I’d recommend going through the entire thing once than doing it a second time for additional weight loss.

      Once the three weeks is up, the manual outlines exactly what you can do to always be in control of your weight. It has guidelines for you to follow if you notice yourself starting to gain weight again. I was so sure it’d be something that was like every other diet I’ve tried but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to lose extra weight quickly!


  13. Matthew says:

    I personally see diet and exercising as a lifelong journey, not a three-week project to be forgotten afterwards. If your diet and exercising are in order, you will slowly drift toward healthy dimensions and once you are lean you will stay lean for good without any need to ever go on a “diet” again given you maintain good eating and exercising habits.

    The biggest problem I see with these “dieting” plans is that they are usually seen as a fast shortcut to lose fat fast after which people more often than not return back to their usual unhealthy lifestyle leading to regaining any lost fat.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I agree, diet and exercise is definitely a lifelong journey and should by no means be something you do for three weeks then forget about afterwards. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been in my explanation of what this diet entails but it does include much more than the 3 week process you go through.

      The 3 weeks is to help you lose that stubborn body fat as quickly as possible while still remaining healthy and not forcing your body to eat away at more than just stored body fat. After the 3 weeks are up. The manual does include instructions for how to maintain your body and keep up a healthy diet and exercise plan.

      The reason it is 3 weeks is because that is how long it takes your body to develop a habit. During those 3 weeks you start incorporating diet and exercise in a manner that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. You are restricted from eating most of the foods you would regularly eat because all you give your body during the first phase is what it needs.

      You don’t give it the extra stuff you normally do like sugar, pizza, desserts, juices, and more. As you get into the 2nd , 3rd, and 4th phase of the diet you introduce those things a little at a time to an extent that you continue to burn fat but not as quickly. Once you are through the 3 weeks you’ve lost 12-23 pounds of body fat and you have what you need to maintain your body, your health, while still eating the foods you enjoy.

      I’m not saying you can buy a whole box of pizza, eat it in one day and still not gain weight since you went on this diet. I’m saying you can get the pizza, have a reasonable portion (along with the foods given in the manual )to help your body perform at it’s max and to keep your weight at a place where you want it to be.)

      Unlike other diets where you have to avoid the foods you enjoy for who knows how long. This diet gives you guidelines that allows you to still have those and remain healthy. I know that it works because I did start it. I’m currently 6 days into it and I’ve lost 8 pounds! The first three I lost 5.5 then it started slowing down but I’m still losing weight! Best of all, I’m not starving, I can think clearly, I can tell my body is getting what it needs. That’s much more than I can say for any diet I’ve tried in the past!

      I do thank you for reading! I hope I’ve sufficiently explained the things I missed above! If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask!


  14. Adam says:

    Hi There,

    Great post, thank you!

    My wife gave life to our fist baby boy 3 months ago and she is struggling with some weight left after her pregnancy. I believe the 3 week diet system could help her! I really like the fact that it’s not only focused on eating less but on other aspects on losing weight as well.

    I have experiences with diets myself and the most important thing I’ve learned was that changing a habit takes time – that’s my only concern about the “3 weeks”.

    On the other hand her overweight came due to her pregnancy and not because of wrong eating habits. That’s the reason I believe the 3 weeks diet system may work for her.

    We will give it a try!

    Thanks again!


    • Jessica Camden says:

      Losing weight after a baby is especially hard and I do think this is an excellent option to help with that weight loss! I would caution though that if your wife is nursing she shouldn’t go on this diet, or any other diet, because it will affect her milk supply.

      My advice to all mothers looking to lose weight postpartum would be to just enjoy those first couple months with your baby and give yourself some time to heal. Once some time has passed, (and you are no longer nursing), I would definitely recommend this diet to help you lose the extra pregnancy weight!

      I wish you both the best of luck and congratulations!