The Best Diet in 2016 – The Superfood Swap Diet!

When I first saw the premise of ABC’s “My Diet is Better Than Yours”. I was really excited! This show sets out to find the best diet in 2016 and wow did they find winners!

Millions of people go on diets every year hoping to lose weight and some diets yield great results, while others prove to be lacking.The Best Diet in 2016

Now, we’d get a chance to see at least 5 different diet plans used the way they were meant to be used by their creators as they personally mentor the contestants! We’d get to see the results each diet yields when their creator is the one giving the instructions! Who better to teach than the creator of the diet plan?

Each of the five contestants tried out their chosen diet and after 14 weeks, it’s official! Dawn Jackson Blatner’s Superfood Swap Diet beat Abel James’ The Wild Diet by a difference of about 2% body fat, winning the title of The Best Diet in America and the The Best Diet in 2016!

As I saw the ideas behind Dawn’s Superfood Swap Diet, I knew it was a winner and I’m so happy Jasmin came out on top! She, like many moms, became overweight after having her daughter and was never able to completely get rid of the extra weight. A collection of bad habits only increased her weight gain, leading to her having high cholesterol and being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Determined to make sure her bad eating habits aren’t passed on to her daughter, Jasmine chose Dawn’s Superfood Swap Diet which is built on the idea of swapping out processed foods with real super foods that will serve to charge your body with energy and nutrients.
The 3 Week Diet

14 weeks later and, you have to agree with me, Jasmin looks incredible! Weighing in at 147lbs she lost just over 26% of her body fat on the Superfood Swap Diet! That is just incredible! That comes out to almost 60lbs of weight lost during that time period and proved to everyone that the Superfood Swap Diet really does work!

What is the Superfood Swap Diet and How Does it Work?

Superfood SwapsSo what is the Superfood Swap Diet? What are its guidelines and how does it work? 

Well, its name stems from the replacement of processed foods with the superfoods that I mentioned above. One thing that sets it apart from other diets is that instead of cutting out all the foods you may have cravings for, this diet finds a replacement that still tastes great but is much better for your body!

Dawn states that there are superfood swaps for all of your favorite foods. Whether it’s burritos, cheese, sandwiches, coffee, candy, pizza, salad dressing, or sugar, there is a swap that still tastes good and will act as a superfood that you can go to anytime you’re craving a snack.

You’re not starving yourself, you’re not counting calories, you’re simply making superfood selections and portioning out the right rations of each category of food. This creates three simple steps for you:

Step 1: You choose what you WANT to eat!

Step 2: Portion out the right rations onto your plate

Step 3: Swap CRAP ingredients with Superfoods at your own pace. (Don’t do it all at once or it’ll be too overwhelming!)

What Can I Eat On The Superfood Swap Diet?

This diet doesn’t prevent you from eating what you want. Instead, it shows you healthier ways to do it and helps you portion out the right rations of each kind of food. The right rations will differ from person to person but a general guide can be the following:

  • ½ cup proteinThe 3 Week Diet
  • ½ cup grain
  • 2 cups veggies
  • ½ Tbs oil/dressing or 2-3T nuts/seeds/guac

Along with these rations, you want to have 8-12 cups of water every day! Staying hydrated is a crucial factor of losing weight! A good tip from the show for the Superfood Swap diet, is to drink hot lemon water every morning and have about 2 cups of water before each meal.

What Are Super Foods and What Are they Replacing?

These superfoods are mostly plants that will give you much more energy and
provide excellent health benefits.

To put it simply, these superfoods are replacing all the C.R.A.P. in your diet. The Chemicals, Refined flour/sugar, Artificial Foods, Preservatives.

Superfood Swap

How to Snack Right!

You definitely want to include snacking in your daily routine but, it should only be done when you’re hungry. Snacking should never be done because there’s a party, the food is good, or it’s just fun. You should snack 0-2 times a day and your snacks should include a combination of produce and protein which are 150 calories each.

One tip Dawn gave Jasmin was that she should only snack or eat meals when she was sitting in her chair at the table with a plate. You should never snack from the bag/package, or refrigerator, while you’re watching TV, or while you’re performing any other task. This quickly leads to overeating and weight gain.

Portion out your snack and don’t eat any more than what’s on your plate! I personally think this is excellent advice. I am definitely guilty of grabbing a bag of my favorite snack, plopping down in front of the TV, and eating….and eating….until the movie is over or THE BAG IS EMPTY. Definitely not a good habit!

Can I have Alcohol….or Sweets on the Superfood Swap Diet?

Yes you definitely can! But, hang on, there’s a catch! You can only have these things
on social occasions and if you’re leaving your house. If you want sweets, yes you can go out and get some, but someone has to be with you, and you have to pay for it.

The idea behind this is to make sweets and alcohol less accessible. You want to get your body into the habit of not having those things in your own home or anywhere that is not a social setting. This will, inevitably lead to less consumption of both items.

Ok, So Now I Know What to Eat, and How to Snack…What Kinds of Exercise Should I Do and How Often?

Dawn recommends you should aim for exercising 6 times a week. You always want Superfood Swap Dietto include a rest day to give your body time to build back up but, your exercise sessions should be 6 times a week for 60 minutes each.

It doesn’t have to be a specific type of exercise, just aim for variety doing things you love! You want exercise to be fun! Not something you dread having to do. You can do your workout at the gym, outdoors, or at home with your own exercise equipment. One of Dawn’s suggestions was including a less than 10 minute full-body workout or a 12.5 minute sprint.


Last, but not least, DON’T FORGET TO SLEEP! There is not a single diet on the earth that you can be successful with if you don’t have the right amount of sleep. Ideally, you want to aim for 7-8 hours a night!

That sums up Dawn’s Superfood Swap Diet and Jasmin has proved it’s an excellent option for moms that are trying to get their post baby body into shape but are struggling to do so. Congratulations to Dawn and Jasmin! You both did great!

To learn more about Dawn’s Superfood Swap Diet you can visit her website here. She is currently working on her book that will be released later this year in December.

Until then she has a Superfood Swap Starter Kit you can purchase for $49 that is a booklet with all the guidelines and advice necessary to succeed with this diet. Here is a summary of what is contained in the Starter Kit.

Superfood Swap Starter Kit


While the Superfood Swap Diet was an incredible diet and won the title of The Best Diet in 2016, we shouldn’t forget about the other ones that were shown. Though some may have been lacking, other’s were proven to be excellent diet plans!

To read about the rest of the diet plans featured on “My Diet is Better Than Yours” click here.

The 3 Week Diet

What do you think of Dawn’s Superfood Swap Diet? Would you be interested in trying it out or do you have another diet you prefer? Please let me know by leaving me a comment below! Thank you for reading!


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  1. Nicki says:

    This seems like a real common sense diet. I always fair well when I stick to a more healthy style of eating. When you incorporate more nutrition into your diet you really super-charge your metabolism. I can see how this diet would be a huge help to those that really need the structure of a diet.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I agree it does; and when you’re eating well, you’ll feel 10 times better! This diet is a great place for anyone wanting to get into better shape to start!

  2. roamy says:

    lm dieting since january but not seeing the results l want so l decided to find out what l might be doing wrong,thought l might swap my diet, that`s how l landed at your site.
    You have explained things so well in an easy to understand way and im sure readers really appreciate.
    My main let down is snacking at all times and maybe sugary energy drinks.Im not a fan of veggies but apart from that l do take care what l eat.
    What are chia seeds?
    Thanks for your tips,will try this out and see how/if it works.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      It is hard to diet for sure but the great thing about the Superfood Swap Diet is that you take your normal, unhealthy snacks, and replace them with superfoods that help you to lose weight. I’ve had more success with this diet than any other I’ve tried.

      I have a list of superfoods I actually enjoy eating and keep those stocked in my fridge so that whenever I start craving something, I have somewhere to go! Chia seeds are an excellent snack option that can be bought at any health foods store 🙂

      Let me know if you have additional questions!