Best Post Pregnancy Splints for Your Workout

post pregnancy splintsAfter you’ve had a couple months (at least two) to recover and have been performing your post baby exercises to strengthen your stomach and pelvic muscles, you should be ready for a heavier workout routine.

As you exercise, you’ll want a splint that gives you very good support and pulls your stomach in tighter than the previous girdle did while you were recovering. A splint is perfect for this; every workout I do, I make sure I’m wearing one for a couple months after my baby’s birth.

Wearing them gives your stomach the support it needs as you begin a heavier workout regime. I’ve also noticed that my recovery is several times faster when I do use a good splint and that they enable me to get rid of that last bit of droop at the bottom of my stomach that normally just won’t go away!

Again, you should remember that a girdle or a splint will not heal Diastasis Recti on its own and will not get your tummy into the shape you want it without additional work! It might look like it’s doing it all on it’s own but, if you take it off, and notice your stomach starting to droop within a couple days, it’s because your body has grown to depend on the splint and hasn’t gotten any stronger.

Yes, splints will definitely make a difference and help phenomenally as long as you’re including a workout or exercise program targeted towards rebuilding your post baby body.

As I mentioned before, you should think of the splint as an additional tool towards your recovery process and rebuilding your body. If you start an exercise program without wearing or having worn a girdle or a splint, it’ll be very difficult to keep your stomach in and to not make it’s condition worse.

Here I’m going to be reviewing four splints/girdles that I feel are excellent for mothers to use a couple months after their baby’s birth when they’re ready to start a heavier exercise routine. Each of them are very good ones that can help heal diastasis recti, give support to your back and pelvic muscles, and help with your posture.

My favorite is this first one because it covers EVERYTHING and it can pull it in tight! It covers your ribs, all the way down to your hips. Most of my splints did a great job bringing my waist in, but man that muffin top was sure something. I loved that with this splint I could just splint the areas I wanted to, or my entire abdomen.  To top it off, it’s a great price! I’ve spent more than that on other splints I came to loathe because they just didn’t work!

Best Post Pregnancy Splints

3 in 1 Postpartum Support by Tirain

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Postpartum Splint

    Postpartum Splint – 3in1

  • Available At: Amazon
  • Product Description: This belt is made with comfortable, breathable material that is designed not to roll up. It was made to look virtually invisible underneath clothing. It’s a three in one belt that includes a belly belt, waist belt, and pelvis belt to help pull your entire abdomen back together.
  • Benefits:
    • It’s a 3 in 1 belt that is designed to pull in your belly, waist, and hips.
    • The material it’s made from is breathable. I sweat really easily and I’ve tried several splints that made me sweat like crazy! I was sure this one would too because it has three parts to it! However, I haven’t had a problem with sweating at all when I’m wearing it.
    • I love that this covers everything from my hips to my ribs. It takes care of my stomach, my lovely muffin top, and my stretched ribs!
    • It’s actually not that bulky underneath your clothes. I was sure that it would be since it had 3 parts to it but I found this one to much less noticeable than many others that I’ve tried.
    • Designed to not ride up while worn
    • I noticed that when I wore this, I ate less because I didn’t have room for the amount of food I usually ate. Since I was eating less, I lost weight faster, and stuck to six shorter meals throughout the day instead of just the 3 meals I was used to.
    • Recommended for use during exercise
    • Covers your entire abdomen to pull it all together
    • You don’t have to wear all the parts at once
    • Helps correct posture and supports your back. Many splints claim to do this but, of all the ones I’ve tried, this has helped my posture more than any! Even when I’m not wearing it, I still have good posture because wearing this has gotten me into the habit of sitting up instead of slouching.
    • You can adjust it to squeeze the areas that really need it instead of all of them
    • It’s a great option and is only $20! I’ve seen so many that I didn’t like near as much that cost twice what this one does.
    • Only made in one size and so it doesn’t have the sizing issues that a lot of other ones have. As you get smaller, you can make the splint tighter and it does a great job bringing your stomach in!
    • It’s not too expensive!


Baby Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap by UpSpring

  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5

    Best Postpartum Splint

    Postpartum Splint – UpSptring Belt

  • Available At: Amazon
  • Product Description: This belly wrap uses triple compression that aims to shrink your belly sooner. It instantly slims your waist down and is made of comfortable, breathable, lightweight material. Has built in boning for the purpose of supporting your lower back and improving your posture.
  • Pros:
    • Fits very tightly around your waist to pull it in sooner
    • Provides lower back support and helps to correct posture
    • Comfortable to sleep in
    • Flattens your hips and waistline as well as your tummy


Adjustable Postpartum Girdle by Goege

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Good Postpartum Splint

    Postpartum Splint – Goege

  • Available At: Amazon
  • Product Description: This girdle incorporates a high elastic, breathable mesh design that is both soft and comfortable. It not only flattens the tummy but the hips and waistline as well. It helps support your lower back and correct your posture.
  • Benefits:
    • Fits securely and stays put pretty well
    • Flattens your hips and waistline as well as your tummy
    • Gives your body the nice curvy shape we all want!
    • Supports your back
    • Material is very good quality and breathable
    • It’s fairly cheap


Breathable Elastic Postpartum Girdle by NSStar

  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5

    Best Postpartum Splints

    Postpartum Splint – NSStar

  • Available At: Amazon
  • Product Description: This girdle is made with a breathable, elastic material that can be stretched to fit the curves of your body. It is lightweight and comfortable for your skin. It’s purpose is to correct your posture and reduce the size of your waist.
  • Benefits:
    • It is comfortable and easy to adjust the size
    • Material is breathable
    • Supports your back and helps to correct posture
    • It’s fairly cheap

So there you have it! These are my top recommendations for a post pregnancy girdle/splint for you to use in addition to diet and exercise as you’re trying to get into shape after your baby is born. The great thing is that most of these are under $20 and they work!

You’ll start to notice a difference pretty quickly as long as you wear them consistently. A splint like this can be that extra bit of support you need in getting your stomach back into shape after a baby. If you have any questions/comments or have your own recommendations for a good post pregnancy splint please post a comment below!


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  1. Hi Jessica- thank you for the reviews of the splints. I have tried probably 6 different abdominal splints over the course of about 4 years while recovering from my second and third children. There are two that I like best and they differ from the ones you reviewed because they are smaller but maybe more comfortable. I think they are especially nice if you are more than 9 months postpartum and if you want to wear them while exercising. First is the Tupler Technique’s new short torso splint. They have updated their splints since I got my first one 5 years ago and they are made from a much better material now. I am 5’4″ and I don’t meet the criteria on their website for the short torso splint, but I like this one better because it is just more comfortable and it still covers my entire diastasis area. It also has a little notch cut out on the side of one of the straps so you can overlap the straps without getting a bulge. The only downside is that they don’t have this version in a nude color. They also sell splint extenders to use right after having your baby- this way you can just buy one splint. Their regular version would be great if you have had a baby within the last 9 months-1 year or if you are taller or have a very long diastasis. Some times I sleep in this one for extra coverage. It comes in a nude color which is nice because it doesn’t show through clothing as much.

    The other thing I use as an abdominal splint is a converted Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt. My osteopath gave me one of these when I was pregnant to provide hip and lower back support. To use for my abdomen, I cut off the two small straps on the side. This does not provide full coverage to use as your sole splint, but I love it for exercising because I don’t get as hot and it stays in place, even directly on your skin. I used this a lot when I lived in Florida and couldn’t stand wearing one of the bigger, hotter splints. It probably isn’t ideal, but it is better than not splinting and it is by far the most convenient and comfortable option I have tried. It is also nice to keep on hand when you aren’t splinting any more because if you know you have to lift something heavy or you are moving, etc., you can just grab it and throw it on. It also fits easily in your purse and you can take it off pretty discreetly if you need to.

    After my third child I was just splinting at night mostly. Now he is 2 1/2 and I just starting wearing a splint all day everyday (combined with diastasis recovery exercises) and it has made a huge difference. I have lost almost 3 inches off of my waist in 2 weeks. It is like wearing a retainer after orthodontic work- it is much more effective if you wear it all of the time.

    One other helpful tidbit if wearing a splint to sleep wakes you up because it makes you have to pee- I take Hyland’s Bioplasma cell salts right before I go to bed because they help you absorb water. You should consult your doctor, especially if you have high blood pressure. I also took these when I was pregnant and it got rid of my leg cramps- most of us need salt and these are great smart salts. You don’t want your splint to interfere with your sleep when you already have a baby to do that for you!

    • I have a splint graveyard at my house, I’ve used so many. I used to go for the cheapest I could find but when I finally found one that worked, I realized I’d spent more buying several of the cheap ones that lasted less than a month than I did on the one that worked. I found though that if I used any that didn’t cover my entire torso, my stomach would bulge out at the bottom of the splint or the top.

      I also found that the ones I used started to ride up or down (sometimes both) and they’d get so bad it was like I had a band that was six inches wide to just wrap around the center of my stomach and then above and below it the skin just spilled over. It was not a pretty sight. 🙁 Because of this, I’ve always gravitated towards splints that completely cover my stomach and are high enough to rest just beneath my ribs. They can get uncomfortable during your workout but the difference they make is incredible! I too lost several inches of my waist within a couple weeks of using the MuTu system and wearing a splint throughout it. I know it was the splint I was using that gave me such quick results 🙂

      I live in a cooler climate than Florida so I haven’t really had a problem with getting too hot wearing mine. I stopped splinting a little while ago because I’ve been able to build back up to where I’m strong enough to hold my stomach in and it stays flat without one. I did wear it for a very long time after my son was born though. People told me I should wear one for 10 weeks after my baby was born but I felt like I needed it much longer than that so I kept it on. I wore it at night and all day.

      That’s interesting about the splint making you need to use the bathroom. I’ve never heard that before. It does make sense though as it sure holds everything in tight! I don’t always get leg cramps but when I do they’re a real pain! I got them several times a week during my second pregnancy and not really at all my first or third. I did gain the most weight on my second one. I don’t know if that’s why.

      Anyways, Thank you for reading! and for sharing those with me. I always love hearing what other people are using and what works for them! There’s so many great options out there!

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for this informative article about Best Post Pregnancy Splints. I should have seen it two years ago when my baby was born. I got one splint from my sister-in-law (the one she used 15 years ago) and I wore it couple of times but after just walking two hundred meters it started already ride up and didn’t even fit me very well, so I ditched it.

    I was so disappointed that didn’t even look for an other one. Now thanks to you I know that there are plenty of alternative to choose from…

    • Jessica Camden says:

      There are some really good ones out there 🙂 Unfortunately there are also so really bad ones out there. I’ve been through half a dozen bad ones until finally I found some of these that I loved! A good splint is amazing! These definitely do their job 🙂

      Thank you for reading hun!


  3. Shannon says:

    Wow I never knew about these and I just recently had my 4th child! Goes to show there is always something to learn. It is frustrating when your stomach does not shrink back as quickly as you would have liked and these look like some great suggestions to give your stomach a gentle nudge in the right direction. Are any of them machine washable?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Yes it is! I know exactly what you mean! It’s really frustrating to exercise and exercise and have your stomach stay the same. I love these because they really help give me the extra support I need. Just keep in mind that as you use it, it should be combined with exercise. A splint on it’s own will not make your stomach flat. I think all of them except the third are fine to wash in your washing machine with cold water. I wouldn’t dry any of them though. Let them air dry 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


  4. meherbani says:

    I had my babies almost 30 years ago, and I definitely have a split muscle or diastasis recti. I’ve been exercising since they were little, the rest of me is great but my stomach? well, lets just say i never wear a two piece bathing suit. If I had known about these products, the splints, I would have definitely used them. They look awesome and, more importantly, they look like they work!
    Do you recommend someone my age, 55, to consider using this? Because I will! Thank you.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Yes I actually would definitely recommend them to you regardless of how long it’s been since you had your kids because they offer a great deal of support to help bring your stomach in! However i do want to caution you that without the right types of exercise it’s not going to give you long term results. In order to bring your stomach back in you need to be doing the right types of exercises.

      As I started exercising after my son was born, it was so hard to hold my stomach in, keep the proper form, and focus on getting a good workout. I wore a splint so that I didn’t have to worry about holding in my stomach. The splint did it for me and helped me to keep the proper form during my workout. I’ve tried working out with a splint and without one and my results are much quicker when I use one 🙂

      I actually have a page dedicated to exercises that can be used to repair diastasis if you’re interested. Best Exercises for Diastasis Recti. The idea is to build up your inner abdominal muscles before you start working on your outer ones. The inner ones are the muscles that hold your stomach in.

      I also have a page with a review to a postpartum training program that is designed specifically for healing diastasis and teaching mothers how to get their stomach flat after their baby is born and to keep it that way 🙂 What is the MuTu System. My favorite thing about this program is that it includes nutritional guidance to help keep you healthy and energized 🙂

      If you have any additional questions I’d love to help out in any way I can! I wish you the very best of luck!

  5. Sammi says:

    This is a really informative page. I love the fact you are reviewing more than one splint at a time so I can make a decision as to which is best.

    Have you personally used any of these? Are they quite uncomfortable to wear whilst exercising? Are these available in other countries other than the US?


    • Jessica Camden says:

      I’ve personally used the first item listed on here and I loved it! I loved that it wasn’t the most expensive one and I loved that it was a three in one to where I could adjust my hips, waist, and stomach separately to each be as tight as I needed them to be. They can be uncomfortable to wear while you’re exercising but I’ve found that I’m uncomfortable either way. Without the splint, it’ll sound kinda gross, but my stomach flops around and I just cant hold it in place. I haven’t yet redeveloped my abdominal muscles to the point where I can hold my stomach in.

      As to which countries they’re available in, I’m pretty sure they can be purchased in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan.

      Thank you for reading!


  6. Holly says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another very useful post. I will definitely be considering one of these girdles for just after the baby’s born – my biggest fear is not getting back into shape. Can you tell me how much exercise you did after giving birth and how long it took to get your figure back?



    • Jessica Camden says:

      Hey Holly, thank you for taking the time to review! I definitely would not go without one of these after you have your baby. Your organs have all been pushed out of place and your stomach has nowhere to go but out unless you have something to hold it in! Using one of these, along with a good exercise plan and diet you can get back into shape pretty quickly after having your baby 🙂 Every case is different and it’ll also depend on whether you have a C-Section or a Natural Birth, but if you start slowly, wear your girdle from day one and use the exercises I’ve outlined on this page, you can bounce back much quicker! The girdles on this page are not ones I”d personally recommend for wearing immediately after giving birth as some of them can be quite painful if you’ve had a C-Section. I’d recommend these ones here when you start your initial healing process because these are designed more for easing a mother’s pain and swelling after her baby is born.

      With my last son it took me about three months to get back to my post-pregnancy weight but I was exercising very regularly (six days a week) as soon as my baby was about two-three weeks old. I started out very lightly because intense workouts after your baby is born will only make things worse. This was the fastest I was able to get pack to my post-pregnancy weight. It generally takes me six-seven months when I’m not exercising regularly. Every case is different though and every body is different. I wish you all the best of luck hun and please let me know if you have any additional questions 🙂