Post Pregnancy Girdles and Splints – The First Step Towards Losing Your Tummy!

girdle for diastasis rectiAfter giving birth your stomach muscles are very sensitive and very weak. You may suffer from Diastasis Recti and, even if you don’t, you need additional support to help strengthen your back, your stomach, and to bring your muscles, organs, and everything else back together. That’s where post pregnancy girdles and splints come in!  

I’ve worn over a dozen different types while recovering from each of my three pregnancies and have seen what works in a girdle or splint and what doesn’t. I’ve also found that the best girdle for immediately after your baby is born, is not always the best girdle or splint to use when you’re trying to get your body back into shape and have begun exercising. For this reason, it doesn’t really do you any good for me to compare the two types against each other so I’ve created two separate review pages, one for each type.

Keep in mind however that a girdle and a splint will not heal Diastasis Recti on their own and they will not get your tummy back into the shape you want it without additional work! Yes they will definitely make a difference and help phenomenally as long as you’re including a workout or exercise program targeted towards rebuilding your post baby body. Think of them as an additional tool towards your recovery process and rebuilding your body. If you start an exercise program without wearing or having worn a girdle or a splint, it’ll be very difficult to keep your stomach in and to not make it’s condition worse.

See here for a review of girdles I recommend you use immediately after your babies birth.

See here for a review of splints I recommend after you’re baby is a couple months old and you’ve had time to heal. You’re now ready to start a heavier workout routine and will want additional support for your stomach!

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  1. Lynne says:

    Jessica I am trying to get my body back into shape and I am finding it really hard. I have a 2 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. Yes I put on weight while pregnant and my stomach is all wobbly, stretch marked etc but then I gave up smoking last year. So I started munching like mad. My stomach is now huge and I have put on quite a lot of weight. I am a naturally skinny person so I find this very uncomfortable. I am not exercising which I know doesn’t help at all. Where do you advise I start?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Hey Lynne, first I want to congratulate you on your son and your daughter 🙂 I hope you all are doing well! My recommendation for getting back into shape would be to check to see if you have diastasis recti before beginning any workout program.

      If you do have it, you’ll want to refrain from most exercise plans until you’ve closed the separation. There are several great exercises and programs you can use that specifically target your inner abdominals to bring them back together.

      If you don’t have diastasis, I’d recommend something that will allow you to reset your body and lose a lot of weight safely in a short amount of time. I actually found great success with this diet and lost 16 pounds in less than a month on it.

      This diet allows you to safely lose weight fast and includes a lot of great lifestyle habits and tools to help you attain and maintain a weight you’re happy with for the rest of your life. You won’t be working out very heavily on this diet because you are eating at a deficit while you’re on it.

      Once you’re through it, I’d recommend picking an exercise program that fit yours needs and gets you excited. Some people love strength training and others love cardio. You’ll want a plan that includes both but, if you’re a cardio person, choose a workout program that is mostly cardio. If you don’t look forward to your workout, you won’t do it. Use the habits you’ll develop during the diet as your nutrition guide to continue to lose weight or maintain your weight if you’ve reached your goal.

      Some great programs that I love are P90X, Body Beast, the Venus Factor, and the Bikini Body Guide 🙂

      I am a big advocate of using a girdle as you build up because the extra support it gives you is invaluable and it prevents your stomach from drooping out when you aren’t yet strong enough to hold it in properly.

      I hope this gives you a good idea of where to start. If you have any further questions please ask


  2. Stacey says:


    Thanks for your article on post pregnancy girdles and splints. I’m sure this will help a lot of women out there who are suffering the effects of diastasis recti.

    In regards to excercising, do you have to be careful which exercises to do, to not make the condition worse?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Yes you definitely do need to be careful about which exercises you do afterwards. I exercised for months after my baby was born and my stomach just got worse 🙁 However once I started doing the right kinds, it didn’t take long at all to repair my diastasis. I couldn’t believe I’d been able to heal a four inch gap! If you’re looking for a good training program to help you repair diastasis after having a baby Wendy Powell’s MuTu system is a great option!

      Thanks for reading hun!


  3. Sammi says:

    This is such an informative post and site. I love it! I have a question though. Girdles and Splints aren’t very well heard of in the UK so I didn’t use one after my birth as I didn’t know about them! Now 2 years down the line, is it too late to start wearing one to exercise or is it too late now? Sammi

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I’ve heard from a couple people that they aren’t as well heard of in the UK. It definitely isn’t too late to start wearing them though. I love the extra support it gives my back and my stomach. It reminds me to always hold my stomach in and I get quicker results from my exercise routine when I use one 🙂

      I wish you the best of luck!


  4. Geoff says:

    A new mother’s guide to navigating the world of crying babies, and transformed bodies. Find a post that relates to your new mothers needs here. How about a post about what us fathers can do to be supportive during this time? Where can a new mother go in her community to find support? Nice job here. Thanks, Geoff.

    • Jessica Camden says:

      I haven’t really gotten to the crying babies but I do hope to guide mothers in understanding and building their postpartum body. From diastasis to stretch marks to postpartum depression. I want a fluid guide that has everything a mother needs to get her body back to the shape she wants it to be. A post about what father’s can do to be supportive is a great idea! I’ll be expanding on that later on 🙂 Thank you for your comment