The Best Maternity Support Belt for Pelvic Pain

maternity support belt for pelvic pain

Did you know that most women experience back pain throughout their pregnancy? A good percentage of those women just suffer through it and accept it as a normal part of being pregnant.

While some back pain is inevitable, if it starts to become extreme, it isn’t normal and you should do something about it! A maternity support belt is a great way to combat back pain and here I've got several you can choose from! Read More...

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Exercises – Don’t Just Manage the Pain!

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction ExercisesSymphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) plagues thousands of pregnant women every year! It's a nightmare to go through and most pregnant women seeking ways to treat it and make it go away, are simply told how to manage it.

There are actually symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises that can prevent the condition or help to minimize the pain. Don’t just sit it out until your baby is born.  Read More...