The Best Inexpensive Jogging Strollers for 2017

best inexpensive jogging stroller 2018Jogging strollers are a must have for parents who love running but they are so EXPENSIVE! If you're looking for a great jogging stroller that'll keep you baby safe and comfortable without taking a huge chunk of change from your pocket, you'll love these!

This is By Far the Best Exercise to Lose Weight After a Baby

best way to lose weight after a babyThis is by far the best exercise to lose weight after a baby and you don’t need to buy any expensive workout programs or exercise equipment to do it! It doesn't take a lot of time and only needs to be done 2-3 times a week.

What is the Best Postpartum Shapewear that Works?

best postpartum shapewearPostpartum shapewear on it’s own is not going to make you lose weight, it’s not going to give you an hourglass figure. However, it can be an invaluable tool/healing aid to help bring your body back together after a baby. See what does and doesn't work! Read More...

Waist Training After a Baby – Should You Do It?

Postpartum Waist Training

Waist training is becoming increasingly more popular these days. Many celebrities tout waist trainers as their golden key to getting their stomach back into shape after their baby was born.

After each of my pregnancies, I religiously wear girdles and splints because the benefits they give you is, to say the least, incredible.

The difference with waist trainers is that they pull  everything in much tighter. Is that a good thing? Read More...

Why I Started Using Essential Oils In My Home

Why I Started Using Essential Oils in My HomeMy mother has been a strong advocate of essential oils for years and always used them as her go to solution whenever anyone got sick. I, on the other hand, was always pretty skeptic about them and felt like they offered more of a placebo affect then real results.

I wondered every now and then about trying them in my own home, but they were far too expensive for my budget so I didn't.

That changed during my last pregnancy.

Reduce Your Stomach Size with Body Wraps – IT Works! Or Does It?

IT Works Body Wrap Results I’ve seen dozens of IT Works Body Wrap reviews all speaking very highly of these wraps. They supposedly work in just 45 minutes to help you lose several inches and pounds from your waist! They sound great! But do they really work? Read More...

The Best Essential Oils Diffusers for Your Home

The Best Essential Oils DIffusersThere are literally hundreds of uses for essential oils and essential oils diffusers. They can be used to prevent illness (flus, colds, coughs, and more), help you breathe easier, clear the air, cleaning, air freshener, help you relax, lift your mood, help with insomnia, and so much more! With so many options available, it can get overwhelming to choose which are the best essential oils diffusers for your home. The answer lies in what you want to get from the essential oils. Are you looking for a humidifier, therapeutic benefits or do you just want a natural, organic way to freshen up your home? Read More...

What is the Bikini Body Guide – Is it Worth Your Money? Does it Really Work?

Does the Bikini Body Guide WorkMy honest opinion on Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide. What is it? Is it really worth your money, are discounts available? Most importantly, can you get a bikini body using it?

Recently, a friend of mine came to me asking these questions about Kayla's program. She’d just purchased it and wanted me to look through the program to see what I thought.

Until then, I’d actually never heard of Kayla’s program and I was really interested in hearing more. I mean, who doesn’t want a bikini body! Read More...

Is the Venus Factor a Scam or Does it Work?

Venus Index CalculatorThe Venus Factor claims to be a program that it is designed specifically for women to use to get their ideal body shape. It uses a set of formulas to calculate what your ideal body would look like then it gives you a customized diet and workout plan to achieve that body. Is it all a scam or does it live up to the claims? Read More...

Using Essential Oils for Postpartum Recovery-Do They Work?

How to Use Essential Oils for Postpartum Recovery

There are dozens of ways essential oils can be used for postpartum recovery. They can be used to treat after pains, c section incisions, cramping, postpartum bleeding, postpartum depression tearing, and so much more.

See a table of different ailments mothers suffer from postpartum and how they can be treated using essential oils. Also includes a price comparison chart for two of the top brands. Read More...