10 Special Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her This Mother’s Day


A close friend of mine came to me not long ago saying he and his wife How to Show Your Wife You Love Herhad been through a really rough year filled with a lot of heartache and he wanted to make this Mother’s Day extra special for her.  Something she’d always remember.

He wanted to do something to show her he loved her more than words could ever say and that even though the past year had been hard, he knew things would get better and he would always be by her side.

My friend asked me to help him plan something special for her and, some of the things we came up with really struck me. They were really thoughtful gifts and ideas, most of them with zero cost that would mean more than anything you could buy ever would.

It really got me thinking and I thought it’d be awesome to add a list here of a couple special ways to show your wife you love her.

The typical Mothers Day gifts a husband gives his wife is flowers, a basket, jewelry, a gift card, or something else of that nature.

If you’d like to do something different, here are some great ideas for you instead.

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Take Your Wife out Somewhere that Means Something to Both of You

Put together a picnic basket and take your wife somewhere that is special to both of you. Perhaps it’s where you met, where you fell in love, where you asked her to marry you. Being there again, will bring back those special memories and the love you felt for each other in that moment.

Surprise Her With Breakfast in BedMother's Day Breakfast

If your wife is usually the one who prepares the meals for everyone, wake up early on Mother’s Day and make her a special breakfast filled with her favorite foods. Be creative and spell her name or I Love You into the meal.

Bring it to her and have breakfast in bed together.

Help the Kids Make Something Special for Her

If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to make something really special for your wife and, at the PersonalizationMall.comsame, strengthen the love your kids have for you and their mother. Put together a collage of family memories, include the kids hand prints and special notes from each of them.

As you work with them to make whatever it might be, repeatedly tell your kids how much you love their mother. Tell them how much she does for all of you, how lucky they are to have their mother, and why she is so special to you.

This in itself is a special Mother’s Day gift to your wife that nobody else can give her. It shows your kids that mommy and daddy are in it together and makes their bond with both of you so much stronger. 

Make a Photo Album of Your Favorite Memories

Pictures have a special way of bringing back the feelings, smells, Show Your Wife You Love Herand memories from when they were taken.

Put together a photo album of some of your favorite, most loving memories, every couple pages include a special note telling her how much she means to you.

On some pages, put a picture on one side and write your memory of the time it was taken on the opposite page. Write down why that is a special memory for you and what you were feeling in that moment.

There are so many special things you can include in that album to show her just how much you love her.

Write Her a Letter Telling Her What She Means to You

Take a couple hours and write a letter to your wife in your handwriting. There are hundreds of things you can write down. In my friend’s case, he wrote about their life together up until now.

He wrote about the heartache they’d been through the Handwritten Letterpast year and how proud he was of her for the strong incredible woman she’d proven to be. He wrote about his hopes for the future and how much he looked forward to sharing each moment with her.

Some more ideas for you are to write about the kind of person you were looking for before you met her and how she met and exceeded all of your standards. Write about special events that have occurred this past year and how they’ve brought the two of you closer together.

Write down what she does that makes you love her and your hopes for your future together.

Put Together a Scavenger Hunt for Her

A scavenger hunt with your wife is the perfect Mother’s Day activity. I’d recommend putting one together that requires you to go out and drive to a couple different locations. They can be places that are special to both of you, places you planned on going to together but never got around to it.

Include small gifts or notes at each location and have the final clue lead both of you to a special place to spend a couple hours together.

Surprise Her with Lingerie to Wear That NightMother's Day Nightie

Spice up Mother’s Day night by lighting a few candles and surprising your wife with
something to wear to bed.
Give it to her a couple hours before you get her alone and, every chance you get, tell her how much you’re looking forward to seeing her in it.

Tell her why you love her and whisper to her what you’re going to do to her. By the time she gets you alone, you’ll both be ready for an unforgettable night.

Make a CD Filled With Songs that Are Special to Both of You

Most couples have a handful of songs that are really special to them. You have the songs from your wedding, when you first met, when you were dating, special events occurred, and more. Any song that reminds you of special memories, you should put on the CD.

If there are additional songs that make you think of your wife, your kids, your life together, your mission and goals, you should include them on it.

Most CDs will hold 19-21 songs. I actually did this for my husband last Christmas and kept a copy of the CD for myself. I listen to it every couple weeks and some of them bring me to tears because the memories associated with them are so special to me.

Put together a Box of Memories

Write down your favorite memories together. With each memory, write down Special Mothers Day Giftwhat you were thinking, how you felt, why it’s so special to you, her part in making it special, and anything else you want to include.

Once you have several written down on small cards, laminate them and put a ring through them to hold them together. Find a special box to keep them in and surprise her with all of it on Mother’s Day.

Go on a Road Trip Over Mother’s Day Weekend

Surprise your wife with a road trip or even plan one together if it would work out better that way. A surprise road trip is nice, but if you have kids, it’s hard to make something like that a surprise. Your wife may also feel more at ease about leaving the kids if it’s something you’ve planned together.

Also keep in mind that sometimes the anticipation for something like that is just as exciting as the actual trip. 🙂 Now is a great time to start planning something together and put together a list of possible locations you can travel to.

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What do you think of these special ways to show your wife you love her? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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  1. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Jessica, I love this post!! Thanks for these fantastic ideas. I’m going to use some of them to treat my husband on Fathers Day!
    I especially loved the idea of going on an outing to where we first met, the photo album and scavenger hunt. We haven’t been on a date since our son was born 2 & a half years ago – its time!
    Getting a babysitter is tricky – can you also do an article on stay-at-home date ideas?

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Thank you Lauren 🙂 I’ve used a couple of them for my husband as well and really enjoyed putting them together. It really brings back a lot of good memories and feelings of love and appreciation.

      I know it’s very difficult to go out on a date once you have kids because babysitters are expensive and hard to come by. I can definitely put together an article on stay at home ideas. I think it’s very important to include that time after you have kids so that you’re continually building your relationship

      With 3 young boys, my husband and I have had to come up with a number of stay at home date ideas and they’ve been quite enjoyable!


  2. Nahim says:

    All those ideas are sweet and definitely seem to work. I mean they make sense. They’re all excellent ways to show your wife that you truly do love her and they’re not like the typical mothers day gifts that people tend to go with. These have given me a lot of ideas so thank you

  3. Ciandress says:

    I really loved your blog post. I always try to find unique ways to show appreciate to my Mother each Mother’s Day. All of your clever Mother’s Day ideas, I loved. I actually did a scavenger hunt for my mom last year. I think the most special thing a mother can receive is something that came from her child’s heart, so I think that was the best idea of all 🙂 Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas. Best of luck to you!

    • Jessica Camden says:

      Thank you 🙂 That is so awesome that you did a scavenger hunt for your mom last year. I bet she loved it! I agree that the most special gifts aren’t the ones that cost money but the ones that come from the heart and really mean something. The best way to describe these things is priceless 🙂

      Thanks for reading and best of luck to you as well!


      • yekta says:

        hi please to say me ,the best way for surprise my mother.

        • Everyone is different but I’d say a great way to start is to find ways to show how much you appreciate her. Look for things she might need in her home and help her to get them. Maybe something needs to be repaired or updated. Surprise her by getting it done 🙂